Benefits of Using Ceramic Tile in Your Home

If you need to replace flooring, countertops or a backsplash in your Escondido area home, consider ceramic tile. Here are some of the great attributes of ceramic tile:

Natural, renewable and very green. The production of ceramic tile is non-polluting and energy efficient.

  • Durable. It can last the lifetime of your home.
  • Non-flammable. Great around the fireplace, wood stove and kitchen stove.
  • Wide variety to choose from. Ceramic tile is available in a multitude of textures and colors. You can also create tile patterns to add interest to any décor.
  • Easy to clean. Spills are no big deal.
  • Non-allergenic. Carpet is a fur magnet and provides breeding grounds for mold and insects such as fleas.
  • Beautiful. Whether you’re the creative type and want to install your own ceramic tile, or you hire an expert and give him or her the okay to be creative, there are few things as stunning as artistically done tile work.
  • Energy efficient. Here’s where tile outshines wood. If you have south-facing windows and want to make the most of that solar heat gain, tile has thermal mass to absorb the heat and then radiate it back into your Escondido home as night falls.
  • Increases resale value. Typically, adding ceramic tile to your home increases its appraised and perceived value.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to improve your Escondido area home and get it ready to put on the market, I can help. Contact me today at Anthony Real Estate, 760-705-4529 or for more information. There is no cost, obligation or pressure.

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